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Custom Touring & Band Document Design at Corton Audio!

At Corton Audio we can compile and design all types of touring information, planning documents and development.

Band Consultation:

Before commencing our work on your bands technical rider and information documentation we want to get to know you or your band, it's current operation, instruments, vocalists and all associated information. 


We then work hard to develop using our templates a production rider, input list and stage plan that best suits your needs and the venues and locations which you will need it. We can develop different riders and technical specifications based on band specific line-ups and make it easy to forward these documents onto perspective production companies, venues or personnel as required.

Completion of documentation:

Our documents can be provided in soft copy, hard copy, via PDF, made available via the internet and/or via drop box.

Technical Specification Riders:

Let our team design your detailed stage plan, input lists and rider information based on your band layout and requirements.

What we can do:

- Develop and design band input lists

- Develop and design band stage plans/plots.

- Develop and design band worksheets.

- Develop and design production riders and technical specification documentation.

Production Consultation:

Our team are happy to work along side your band in designing your complete production requirements and solutions.

Our team work daily in the live sound and production industry and we will work with you to insure your bands needs are met and shown within all the required documentation as these documents are the first point of call for all written requirements of the band/artist's needs and requirements for performance.

Pop Band







Make your band documentation STAND OUT!!!

We work hard to design and produce stage plans, input lists and riders that work and are professional!

They must get the required information across, yet aren't over the top or considered a 'wish list'! As a production company ourselves we get tech specs weekly, for us it's about information as for us all the information we need can be found within the tech specs/rider of a band. 

Solo Musician's 


Guest Speaker's


Rock Band Sitting
Live Performance

We know that no one knows your band better then YOU! 

Let our team help when it comes to planning technical information, documentation and your rider!

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