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Audio Visual (AV) & Vision at Corton Audio...

Corton Audio are proud of our complete audio visual (AV) services.


At Corton Audio we continue to spend large amounts of money each year on each of our services. This includes our audio visual inventory which is stocked with professional industry brands including... NEC, Macbook, Kramer, Blackmagic, Sony & LG! 


We can provide complete supply and operation for each of the following:

- Professional Sony video cameras and capturing equipment

- High output NEC projectors 

- Projector Screens 

- LG LCD/LED Screens and panels

- Truss mounted LCD screens

- Blackmagic vision cabling, switching and equipment - including HDMI, SDI, VGA & Composite

- Live feed video and audio relay services

- Professional grade Lectrum lecterns (and Shure lectern microphones)

- Backmagic Television Studio HD and Preview monitoring.

Whether you require a lectern and microphone, a projector and screen to show photos at a 21st, LCD screens to promote your brand or sponsors at an exhibition or launch or a complete vision system for a presentation night or deb ball... we'll make sure everyone at your event or presentation can SEE what it's all about!    



Through HDMI and SDI vision and switching systems we are able to bring our clients complete high definition viewing and networking.

Due to the on-going need for HD viewing experiences... We have the ability to cater for complete high definition AV screens and vision equipment where high-definition viewing is of major concern for clients showing photography and video display.  


Our AV services include 'plug and play' systems making it simple to plug in your laptop or MacBook and your ready to go! Don't worry our expert team will be able to assist you the whole way with your AV event needs! We won't leave you in the dark... We're here to help!


Our AV services are used across a range of industries from funeral services to presentation nights and we can provide AV services for:

- Deb balls;

- Information sessions;

- Presentation nights;

- School formals;

- Project installations;

- Long-term portable installations;

- Displays;

- Parties;

- Corporate events and functions.

- Funerals;

- Wedding Displays.


Stand OUT visually with Corton Audio Visual solutions!


Our AV services are used by numerous professions & industries!

For more info... email us!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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