Professional Live Audio - supply & operation for....

- Bands, festivals and gigs

- Touring & corporate

- Acoustic performances

- Launches

- School assemblies and presentation nights

- Sporting clubs and corporate events

- Funerals & weddings

- DJ and party audio systems


Wether it be a small acoustic gig, a DJ rig or a large band rig with crew, sound engineers and operators... We have the team, policies and contacts to make it happen!


Lighting - supply & operation for...

- Bands and performances 

- Automated lighting via computer operated control devices

- Venue uplighting

- Room highlighting and specific focused lighting

- latest LED lighting fixtures.

- DJ's, Parties and events effects LED lighting and Lasers.

- Fog & Haze effects.


Wether it be a standard band lighting rig, a party venue  requiring up-lighting or a band rig with stage lighting, DMX control and LED effects... We'll make it happen! 


Audio Visual - supply & operation...

- Projectors. 

- Projector Screens (100").

- LCD/LED 47" Screens.

- Truss mounted LCD screens.

- Vision cabling, switching and equipment.

- Live feed services.

- Lectern & lectern microphones.


Whether you require a projector and screen to show photos at a 21st, LCD screens to promote your brand or sponsors at an exhibition or launch or a complete vision system for a presentation night or deb ball... we'll make sure everyone at your event or presentation can SEE what it's all about!    


Electrical Testing & Tagging...

Wether you require a couple of items tested and tagged or a  complete

business testing and tagging solution with over 3000 items, we have the experience and team to make it happen with as little disruption to your business as possible. Our complete on-site service will attend your business and complete testing and taggig in full compliance with AS/NZS 3760. At Corton Audio we utalize the latest and best in testing equipment and instruments from FLUKE and WAVECOM INSTRUMENTS. Contact us for a quote on our testing and tagging services today!


As part of our testing and tagging services we also offer the following additional services...

- Portable RCD/GPO inspection and testing,

- Electric Blanket inspection and testing,

- Microwave radition testing,

- Testing of all types of appliances including single, three phase, 15A, 20A etc.


Single and Three Phase Power Distribution & Cable Covers...

​Corton Audio can offer complete single and three phase event power

distribution and cable management. Our team can manage distributed power throughout your events site to vendors, staging and various areas requiring safe power distribution. Corton Audio also has one of the largest supplies of drive-over cable covers in central victoria, including specialist clips and cable hooks,

joiners and equipment to insure our portable electrical installation and service meets if not, exceed's event safety regulations. We also contract specialist 'A grade' licenced electricians if and when required to insure your event power is managed and distributed by a team that understands reliability and your needs! All portable electrical installations are carried out in compliance with AS 3002 - Electrical Installations - Shows & Carnivals.

Corton Audio is committed to providing extensive, high quality, specialist live production and entertainment services.

Our services include, but are not limited to...

Event advice and planning assistance...

Corton Audio are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace for all... Corton Audio is able to assist in the initial stages of planning an event, right through to the final product and post event stages of an event to assist with providing a safe workplace for all at your event. When it comes to insuring the important things are covered... Risk Assessments, JSA's, Weather management, power safety and distribution as well as the production side of an event... We offer advice and assistance on planning a safe and enjoyable event.


ADDITIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE: Hires (Including dry-hire), Mobile Data Access, Live Streaming, DJ & Ladder hire, Touring & Corporate... Also see our specialist services for both funeral services & weddings.


For more info on any of the above services or to request a quote, please contact us via enquiries@cortonaudio.com and we will be in contact as soon as possible!