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Emergency Response Services at Corton Audio...


Corton Audio can provide 24-hour emergency audio & vision response services for all types of emergency related community information meetings and emergency events.

Corton Audio have specific stand by equipment and vehicles enabling us to deploy vital audio visual communication (PA, sound and vision) equipment anywhere in Victoria with as little downtime as possible.


- Complete audio/PA/Sound - Delivery & Operation.

- Complete vision (projectors, screens and LCD screens) - Delivery & Operation.

- Generators and back-up generating equipment to keep systems running even with loss of fixed/grid power systems.

- Crew, sound engineers & experienced operators.

- 24-hour response for emergency AV requirements.

What we can offer to emergency & government emergency organisations:

What we can offer to local councils, emergency departments and government emergency organisations:

- On call 24-hour response for portable audio visual services as required with standby vehicle/s ready to depart to an emergency location as soon as possible to meet the needs of community meetings and any other requirements throughout Victoria.

- Complete trained and experienced sound engineers and vision operators and on-site support.

- Our team will deliver, set-up on site, operate during and then dismantle and pack-up as required.

- Audio/sound/PA and visual (projection and screen) systems for turn-key services.

- All our PA and vision systems will have back-up generator supplies (so in the event of grid based power outages) our audio & visual systems can continue in operation.

- State of the art equipment and PA systems that can be set-up at a location within 15-minutes.

Corton Audio are a Shepparton, Victoria based production business, we feel this ultimately places us central to most regional and urban locations throughout Victoria including:

- Two hours travel time south to Melbourne, Victoria.

- Two hours travel time north to Albury, NSW & Wodonga, Victoria.

- An hours travel time north to the Murray River.

- Three hours travel time to south Gippsland.

- An hours drive east to Benalla.

Flood Insurance

Don't let vital information be not heard by members of the public in an emergency meeting! Let us help!

Why choose us?

Corton Audio are an experienced and professional production business and have been servicing various aspects of the events and live production industry for the last thirteen years in 2020. Our team have had the opportunity to work alongside some of Australia's (and the world's) most renowned performers and presenters. To put it simply we know sound and vision, we are able (only through dedicated experience) to execute production (audio/vision) systems in high-stress environments and provide state of the art equipment renowned throughout the world.

Our 4WD vehicle fleet is set-up to insure access and includes:

Remote first aid kits, fire extinguishers, vehicle lift kits, mobile antennas, UHF equipment, chainsaws, recovery equipment and winch's, vehicle spares, spades, off-road GPS and vehicle accessories.

How it works?

Our emergency response production services are second to none!

All we require is a phone call, text message or email with the following information:

- The type of emergency event - community meeting/other.

- The location and venue of the community meeting or other type of event.

- The time of the meeting.

- The time we can get access into the venue/location of the meeting (the earlier we can get into the venue to begin setting up and testing our equipment the better, however we have systems in place that a basic system can be set-up and installed in as little as 15-minutes under high-time turn around situations.

- What you feel may be required for the meeting, are any of the presenters bringing a laptop to plug-in, alternatively if this cannot be arranged our team will at least be able to display an event related image.

- Following receiving this information our team will immediately travel to the required site/venue and begin setting up the equipment.



Severe Storms


Emergency Events

Community Meetings

Fast Response

Would you like more information or require a quote?

Please contact Corton Audio management (general enquiries or in emergency requiring services please) call: 0488 777 649

or email us at: 

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