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At Corton Audio we can offer various special services in addition to standard audio, lighting and AV services when it's time to celebrate the life of a family member or friend... 

Why we specialise in funeral services...

For the past fourteen years we have worked alongside almost all Goulburn Valley funeral directors (and many beyond this area) providing exceptional technical support and equipment for various funeral services, locations and beliefs.

We have catered for services up-to and over 2,000 people with both audio/sound, live feed and projection/LCD screens.

We feel a sense of ownership at Corton Audio that when it comes time to celebrate a family members life, that you only get one chance to get it right and that's where experience matters!

For 13-years we have stood behind the mixing console, laptop and vision mixers boasting 30+ funerals a year.

Wether it's one speaker outside a country church to carry/relay what's happening inside, outside or a venue chosen by the family which has no existing audio, AV, screens etc we have the inventory, team and experience to make a funeral run seamlessly and on budget.

From small churches or graveside services to football grounds... Our team of experienced crew will take care of everything technical related when it matters most!

We stock in inventory various items of equipment vital to the success of a funeral service including: lecterns, lectern microphones, projectors, screens, professional video cameras, vision switchers and laptops.

A funeral service is as important to us as it is to you and we work hard to ensure the service is exactly how you wish it to be.

We have provided equipment and services for various funerals across Victoria and Southern NSW and are a leading funeral service supplier across this area.


Why choose us?

You may be thinking why choose Corton Audio... Well our team know funerals, we've worked in all venues small and large, we know the technology required and choose brands of equipment that are industry standard and industry tested for reliability! We look the part! Our team change prior to a service so we look the part no matter where the service may be being held, we are about professionalism!

You may be here because you have organised your funeral service with one of the many funeral directors who choose us to take care of the technical aspects of the service... If so, You can be sure our team are onto it and working hard behind the scenes with your chosen funeral director to make the service seamless!

Some families may wish to have just audio, some may wish to have a mixture of audio and slide-shows/power point presentations... We work alongside both the family and funeral directors supplying services that meet the needs of the service and the location you are wishing to have your service in!

Download our complete funeral services guide here:

Corton Audio Logo - White Logo.png

This document will guide you through all of our services and is designed as a easy to read reference to assist with planning your funeral service technical and AV needs.

What our clients are saying...

"Brad, I just wanted to say thank you very much, I had about fifty people come and say to me that this was the best and most professional funeral they had ever attended. Thanks again."

Funeral: June 2022

An example of our funeral audio & visual services below:

Below: Credited: Merritt Funeral Services, Mooroopna.

Below: Credited: Owen Mohan Funeral Directors, Shepparton.


Below: Credited: Merritt Funeral Services, Mooroopna.


We are a preferred supplier!

Corton Audio don't just do funerals... We are the preferred supplier for many funeral directors and we work hard to maintain the highest level of technical excellence at each and every service... small or large! Some even say they wouldn't trust letting anyone else complete it!

Corton Audio have the audio & technical business back ground of having worked with some of Australia's most seasoned musicians and performers, we know sound and we put this knowledge and experience behind every funeral service we undertake!

We are there from the start right through to completion!

You can be sure our team are the first person on-site where the funeral service is taking place and often the last to leave! We are committed to undertaking our services at a funeral as though it was a member of our own family! The service is just as important to us as it is to you! 

Don't hesitate to contact the team at Corton Audio to discuss your funeral service requirements. We will be there when you need us! 

What we offer:

When you choose Corton Audio as your funeral service provider, you can be sure we offer the latest in funeral service technology with experienced crew and operators.

We offer funeral directors and families a number of funeral specific services including:

- Church and venue audio/sound reproduction.

- lectern and lectern microphones.

- Projector screens (and projectors).

- Funeral service video and recording (on request).

- Live feed video and audio into another room or outside for overflow of attendees.

- LCD screens.

- Outdoor large-scale audio reproduction from within the church (sending audio outside).

- AV equipment including laptops and video switching equipment.

- Graveside audio and voice reproduction systems, including sourcing generators to insure a stable power supply at the graveside service.

- Casket and coffin highlight lighting and special effect lighting.

- CO2 dry-ice cloud special effects.

- Experienced audio/sound engineers and AV operators.



Brands including:

Lectrum, Shure, Sony, JBL professioanl, Soundcraft, NEC, LG, Kramer and many more.


Our staff, crew & business are often described by our clients and funeral directors as "the best in the business!"

"We wouldn't trust anyone else".




Our supportive and professional staff will assist you through the entire process when it comes to the funeral audio visual requirements!

Our office is located at:

157 Vaughan Street, Shepparton, Victoria.

P: 0488 777 649 



How do we make the process easy & what you need to provide to us?

At Corton Audio we understand that it's a difficult time and the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about the audio visual side of the service. Our team are there to assist you! 

We can provide extensive technical advice and can assist with all your service ideas when it comes to audio visual.

Need to know what we require for the service, well for most services we require the following information:

- The access time we can get into the venue (or church) for our team can begin setting up the equipment etc.

- Funeral service starting time (please note that often attendees arrive often an hour prior to the service).

- Usually we try to organise a meeting at the venue (or church) prior to the service for the family to pass on the music they have organised and video presentation of their choice so our team are able to test it prior to the service. Along with run through the running of the funeral service with us.

- Access as early as possible into the venue is fantastic, it can take a long time to set-up and test equipment properly. Sometimes it is even better for us to get access into the venue or church the day before to set all of our equipment up.

- If you have an extensive array of music played throughout the service please advise our staff of specific cues and times for when you would like the music played and insure they are burnt to a CD in the order they will be played at the service. A service doesn't always run to specific cues or notes so please try and advise our team of as much information as possible for when you would like your music played.

Music choices, slide shows/videos...


Music (and the choice of music) at a funeral service play's a powerful role in creating a way in which we can reflect on a persons life as well as being music they enjoyed throughout their life. Music has a special meaning in our lives. The choice of music allows mourners a moment to reflect on the person by sitting and listening as well as signaling specific moments throughout the service. 

How many songs do I need?

As a guide at most funeral services (not considered a mass or church services) often a total of three songs is a perfect place to begin.   

This will be:

1) An entry song as the family enter the chosen venue for the service;

2) A reflection song (this may accompany a slide show or photo presentation);

3) A departure song as the coffin is carried from the funeral service to the hearse.  

Of course these musical items mentioned above are only a guide and you may wish to have more or less music depending on your specific requirements. 

Hammond Organ
Church Choir

If you are providing the music for our team:

Please provide us with the following where possible:

A burnt CD or alternatively;

A USB stick device with audio tracks;

with the songs in order of when they will be played throughout the service.

For example: family walk in music (first song to be played), first song on the CD or numbered as #1.

Formats preferred include:

Audio CD or MP3 (Burnt through iTunes as an audio CD we have found to be very successful), alternatively a USB with audio/music files.

Please do not provide: Blu-ray or DVD music audio.


A tip: Basically the best way to test a music CD is to test it in a CD player, if it plays it should be fine for us to use and operate.

Adobe reader may be downloaded for free to view the PDF version of the documents. It is available for download here:

Download our music & CD funeral planner template here:

Video / Slideshow Presentation or Photo Presentation: 

A slide show or photo presentation video is a highlight of a funeral service, allowing mourners the ability to view the person and reflect on personal memories and the persons life. 

If you are providing the slide show or video for our team:

Please provide us with a video file on a USB stick with music accompanying the video.

(That plays ready to go as a normal video, you may wish to test this on Windows Media Player, Quick Time or VLC), alternatively a completed and burnt DVD that plays on a DVD player is also possible.

Please do not provide:

Blu-ray burnt slide shows or movies or photos in a folder or just placed on a USB, instead all video/slide shows must be in presentation format and ready to press play.

Formats preferred:

MP4 video files

Video Editing Timeline

For Microsoft Power point presentations please ensure these are completed, tested and ready to go with all transitions and music. Please ensure slide transitions are completed and ready for our team to begin the presentation.

You may wish to have your music connected to your power point presentation, please ensure this is tested and plays automatically when the slide show is played.


A tip: Always ensure your power point presentations are saved in a folder with all of the photos, music etc connected to the power point presentation and well tested. Sometimes a power point presentation will "go looking" for the music and photos and if it cannot find them it cannot be played. 

Download our visual aspect funeral planner template here:

Adobe reader may be downloaded for free to view the PDF version of the documents. It is available for download here:

A few things to consider for your funeral video or music:


You may wish us to use your laptop, in this instance please assist us by turning off all screen savers (via control panel or settings for mac), please also turn off all passwords and pop-ups.

We prefer HDMI output on provided laptops running at a resolution of: 1080P 50 (however we have adapters for Apple Mac and HDMI), please also ensure your laptop you are providing us has a working headphone output (3.5mm output).

Please provide us with:

Your laptop (with video existing on the desktop) & power supply cable.


Important note regarding internet and WiFi access (for video's & music):

Please do not expect to be able to access WiFi, mobile data or internet access at the venue, cemetery or church.

Please ensure all slideshows, videos and music are not only available on-line, and instead, downloaded and either on your provided laptop or on a USB or CD.

A reminder Blu-Ray video format is also not available at this current time.

Church Cross

All sounding too stressful and not making sense?

Don't stress, we're here to help! 

Our team will happily assist you with all your funeral technical, visual and sound questions. 

This can be done through your chosen funeral director/church and back to us OR via one of the other following ways:

- Phone: our office on mobile 0488 777 649

- Email:

Alternatively make an appointment with us at our Shepparton office located at: 157 Vaughan Street, Shepparton, VIC, 3630.

At Corton Audio we understand dealing with grief after the loss of a loved family member, friend or relative can be a difficult time.

Find out more here about coping with grief from the Australian Funeral Directors Association:

More information on what to do when someone passes away can be found here:



Are you worried about power and electricity not being available at the site or venue you are wishing to hold the funeral service in or at?


Don't stress, we will take care of all generators, power distribution and equipment to make it happen! Including delivery, set-up and operation.

We often find cemeteries do not have power available on-site and are often providing temporary power equipment for funeral services.

Left Graphic: Shows a large graveside service where we have provided services powered by a generator. 

How much does it cost?

As we are a specialist funeral service provider across Victoria and NSW our cost for funeral services vary greatly depending on each individual service's needs. Our services specific to funerals can range any where from a few hundred dollars through to thousands of dollars depending on your needs, estimated attendance and budget. 

Prices & packages start from: $120.00 (ex GST)

It doesn't matter whether you have 10 attendees or 1,500, we will do everything we can to make the service run as seamless as it possibly can!

Contact our team to discuss your funeral service today and allow us to provide you with a no obligation, free quote.

Visit our contact tab or click on the contact us button above for more information about our contact methods.

AV Services for all beliefs and funeral service types.

Australia wide funeral service travel, delivery and equipment logistics.

State of the art equipment,  brands from around the world!

Complete solutions for all funeral service locations including:

Football grounds, Halls, Club rooms, Parks, Church's and Homes.

The most experienced funeral service operators in the GV!

The location for a funeral service is completely your choice!

The location to hold a funeral service is completely your choice with clearance and guidance from your chosen funeral director. We can completely install equipment on:

- The sand bar of a river

- Beside a creek

- In the backyard of a family home

- On a football ground

- Within club rooms

- Within cattle sheds

- In town halls

- Parks and gardens 

- and of course in all churches and church halls.

We cannot wait to help bring both you and your loved ones service wishes to life!


With the assistance of our power generators and equipment the service can be held in just about any location you may wish! 

River Valley

Easy book funeral packages...

Church outdoor sound relay package:

With our church outdoor sound relay package you can be sure every word that is happening inside the church can be heard outside or in another hall for overflow of attendees. This package involves our team strategically placing microphones throughout the church, getting these signals outside into one of our digital mixers where we can adjust (on the fly) volumes for each of the presenters throughout the service. We then run out of our mixer into various distribution devices and into an array of speakers suitable to the area outside and audience. This system will be fully tested prior to mourners arriving and may include various wired and wireless devices to insure utmost reliability.

This is the perfect cost effective choice for insuring overflow outside can hear what is happening within the church.

Video Recording
Close-up Image of Microphone

Church outdoor vision live-feed relay package:

With our church live-feed vision relay package you can be sure everything that is happening inside the church will be relayed outside through our Sony HD cameras, out via HD cabling, through our video routing and mixing devices and into our LCD screens for complete HD viewing.

This package includes a camera/s set-up within the church to relay visually what is happening inside, outside in real-time. The perfect package to work alongside an audio relay package. This means both attendees can see and hear the entire service.

Please note that due to the nature of screens used outdoors there can be glare depending on the light and shade available outside on location. However we will do everything we can to reduce this.

Experienced staff:

If you are looking for complete delivery, set-up, operation during the service and pack-up post service our team can take complete care of the entire audio visual system.

Our experienced team will arrive to the church or site early, prior to anyone else, we will look at the venue in depth, plan cable runs and look at where our equipment will work best, whilst maintaining safety. 

Out team bring in complete audio visual systems, we rarely ever patch into an existing church system as we have no idea of the quality or reliability that exists in pre-existing church or hall systems, we think its safer to bring everything in.

We will work non-stop throughout the service, checking on equipment, listening to volumes and making sure everything is working as it should. We don't rest until the service is over, our equipment packed up and our clients happy with the outcome.

We highly recommend complete on-site crew for the entire length of the service.

Corton Audio funeral packages are extensive and this is only a few of our easy book packages to give you an idea on the types of services we provide. Please contact us to discuss your funeral service requirements and wishes.

Let us help right from the start...

Corton Audio can be contacted on the below contact details.


Page disclaimer: All pictures are displayed for illustration of funeral services where we have provided services and are provided for display purposes only and shall not be re-produced or copied in any way. All service photos remain the property of the respected families and the funeral directors and have been published with the utmost respect to the families & funeral directors for the services provided.

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