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Entertainment Industry Support Services...

Corton Audio recognises the live entertainment & production industry as both a rewarding, yet sometimes very challenging industry for those who work within it! High stress, late nights and meeting deadlines can take its toll! Studies show (from Entertainment Assist) that "Australian Technicians and Crew experience suicide ideation almost seven times more than the general public".


As we have worked within and around the entertainment industry for over a decade we see these statistics as a very scary and sad reflection of the industry. It is time we as an industry begin to reflect that no matter how important a show may be considered to be, money, work demands or the general industry should never take (or attempt to take) a persons life.  

The often lonely, dark and hard hours of this industry can take it's toll without notice. Long work hours, extreme pressures, non-realistic work demands and a constant strive for personal best can lead anyone to a place where help is needed.

We could not have a website dedicated to our work in the entertainment and live production industry without quoting the following support services.


If you are about to harm yourself or others call emergency services on 000.


Support Act:

Entertainment Assist:


Beyond Blue: 

live chat or call:

1300 22 4636 - 24/7


13 11 14

24/7 phone counselling service plus overnight online counselling between 7pm and 4am

Suicide Call Back Service:

1300 659 467

24/7 free phone, video & online counselling for anyone affected by suicide.


1300 78 99 78

24/7 telephone and online counselling service for men with relationship and family concerns

Direct line:

1800 888 236

24/7 information, counselling and referral for drug and alcohol issues.


Kids Help Line:

1800 55 1800

24/7 counselling service for young people aged 5-25 years; online counselling for older kids & their parents/carers


Police Fire or Ambulance:

000 or 112

If you or someone you know is in an emergency situation or immediate danger call 000 for police, fire or ambulance. 


Additional Support references:


Disclaimer: Corton Audio has no formal qualifications to deal with issues of anxiety, depression or assistance. We accept no responsibility for any acts or omissions that occur from the information referenced above. Please always seek professional advice, seek help from your GP or contact one of the above support agencies. This page has been developed by Corton Audio as a reference point to the above industry support services.

All graphics, logos and materials displayed above are the respected copyright owners and have been added above for the sole purpose of providing contact information for the respected support services.

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