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FAQ at Corton Audio...

Thanks for visiting our FAQ’s page... You’re probably here because you have a question... Well you’re in luck...

Please see below as we may have your question/s already answered. If you still have a question or would like a question further clarified don’t hesitate to contact us via email and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

  • Where are you located?
    Corton Audio's (head - warehouse & office) facility is located at: 157 Vaughan Street, Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. We are located directly opposite the Blackwoods loading dock and next door (on the left if looking at us from the road) to Ignition Automotive - Sound and Vision, we are currently located in the old Avro Steel Roofing building.
  • How can I provide feedback to you at Corton Audio?
    Thanks for wanting to provide feedback to us at Corton Audio! We really appreciate it! Please see a link to our feedback survey here: Alternatively you may wish to contact us directly to discuss your feedback. Please visit our contact page for contact details.
  • I'm a client wishing you to provide equipment for my event, Can I fill up your vehicle to pay for fuel to travel to our event?"
    Thanks for requesting to pay for our fuel to travel to your event via this method. Unfortunately we cannot offer payment in this way. All our business vehicles are under fuel managed credit account cards with both Caltex Australia and Viva Energy Australia (Shell) and are strictly monitored for both fuel usage and kilometers traveled by each individual vehicle. Not paying via our vehicle specific cards would mean an incorrect data entry in our system. The cost associated with travel and fuel for your event where quoted (or outlined during the booking process) and will be invoiced to you, this allows you to pay for travel and fuel as required.
  • My event is out of the Greater Shepparton area do I need to pay for travel?
    Generally Yes, like any small business the costs associated with travel grow on a yearly basis with CPI. Please insure you take into account the cost for travel when budgeting although we try to assist where we can, always contact us for an event specific quote to outline any travel or accommodation charges. There are a few things we consider when charging for travel: 1) Location/Venue 2) Kilometers from our base location to the event site/venue. 3) Vehicle wear and tear. 4) Staffing 5) Equipment and vehicle abilities and storage 6) Weather 7) Travel times (days, night travel etc) 8) Fuel 9) Past obtained client services. All travel charges (including fuel costs) will be invoiced to you. To discuss your event further please contact the team at Corton Audio
  • Is my personal information provided to you safe?
    Corton Audio obtain, store and use your personal details and data in compliance with current Australian legislation. All personal data is stored under strict admin passwords and security. Please note your obtained information will be kept by Corton Audio until after the period of the service or until funds are received in full. Some records are required to be kept by Corton Audio for a minimum of 7-years. Following this process Corton Audio shred (to a security level of 3) all hard copy documents and destroy all data in compliance with the current Corton Audio privacy and security policy. Corton Audio are committed to the security and safety of our clients information and data.
  • How do I contact Corton Audio?
    Corton Audio office can be contacted via the following: Phone: +614 88 777 649 (0488 777 649) Email: Website: Facebook:
  • Who have Corton Audio worked with?
    Corton Audio have had the oportunity to work alongside some of Australia's (and the worlds) most seasoned performers, artists and musicians. With names including (where we have provided production for): The Black Sorrows, Thirsty Merc, Shannon Noll, Russell Morris, Pseudo Echo, Mental as Anything, Adam Brand, Daryl Braithwaite, Chocolate Starfish, Reece Mastin, Dean Ray, You am I, Havana Brown... as well as many others. But we are not just limited to this we also have provided numerous services for corporate clients and once-off celebration events and launches.
  • Are Corton Audio Registered for GST?
    Yes, Since 2015 Corton Audio have been registered for GST (Goods & Services Tax). A tax component will be charged to you on all Tax Invoices.
  • Does Corton Audio have an ABN?
    Yes, Corton Audio has an ABN (Australian Business Number) it is: 93 861 161 878.
  • How long has Corton Audio been operating?
    Corton Audio began operation in 2007 and has had many changes throughout the years to enable its growth and stability within the current entertainment market and service industries.
  • What brands of equipment do Corton Audio stock in Inventory?
    At Corton Audio we stock industry brands, from leading suppliers. Our inventory is stocked with name brand equipment including: - JBL Professional - Soundcraft - Crown Audio - Shure - Sennheiser - QSC - dbx Professional Products - Yamaha - Lexicon - TC Electronic - BSS - RCF - Chauvet - Light Emotion - Jands - Dynacord - Allen & Heath - Electro-Voice - Radial Just to name a few!
  • Are Corton Audio Insured?
    Yes, Corton Audio holds valid $20 Million public liability insurance at all times through Action Insurance Brokers PTY LTD. Corton Audio also hold valid WorkCover Insurance (Formally WorkSafe Insurance).
  • Do Corton Audio provide backline or have backline in stock?
    Corton Audio does not currently have any backline or instruments (including instrument stands) in stock. We can however organise backline through a backline supplier at additional cost. (including pick-up, crewing hours etc)
  • Do you operate wireless microphones in the 694 - 820MHz range?
    Corton Audio has adopted new wireless technology to insure we operate wireless systems legally within Australia out of the 694-820MHz range allocated by the ACMA.
  • How can I pay Corton Audio?
    Corton Audio offer a number of ways to make a payment with us including: - Cash - Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Cheque All account details can be located on your tax invoice or account statement.
  • How much power do Corton Audio require to operate the equipment at my event?
    Corton Audio usually prefer a supply of 32 Amp 5-pin 3-phase supply for your event. This supply should not be daisy chained or split and shall be totally seperate to any other vendors at your event. Please note: sometimes a number of these supplies are required. No 4-pin supplies (or those without a neutral) are acceptable. If unsure please always contact a quallified electrician to insure supply is available for us on arrival.
  • How far do Corton Audio Travel?
    As you can probably see throughout this website, the team at Corton Audio provide services accross the vast area of live entertainment. We are more then happy to travel and our crew love nothing more then a roadtrip to begin the gig! Basically we travel throughout Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, But can travel throughout Australia if required. Please contact us to discuss your event and tour bookings
  • What are the payment terms at Corton Audio?
    Corton Audio provide Tax Invoices with 7-day terms for all production services and purchase ordered services. All Sales and Hires must be paid on pick-up/delivery. ​ All services must be paid in full within 7-days to avoid additional interest cost currently at 1.5% per month. Corton Audio does not accept any partial payments over a prolonged period of time and accept only full amounts paid in full within 7-days.
  • I've just paid Corton Audio via card and the transaction is not displaying "Corton Audio"?"
    First of all... Thank you for making your payment to Corton Audio. All your credit/debit card transactions (processed through Corton Audio) will display on your credit/debit/bank card statement as a MYOB transaction through our accounting package. You can be sure your payment has been made to us safely. Corton Audio's business structure is a partnership "BJ Corken & RJ Corken & N Newby T/as Corton Audio. ABN: 93 861 161 878
  • Why am I Charged GST?
    Corton Audio is registered for GST and is required to charge GST. GST is a component of all Tax Invoices (10%) and what this means is that we are required to charge GST and also store it for payment to the Australia Tax Office if and when required. This means that a 10% component of your Tax Invoice total is quite often returned to the Tax Office and is not necessarily profit to our day to day business expenses.
  • I've seen Corton Audio crew at a club I visited recently what do you do?
    Corton Audio is a leading live production supplier/provider accross Victoria and NSW. We provide complete audio, lighting and production systems for some of Australia's most seasoned and professional musicians. Our team is made up of professional crew, engineers, electricians and operators to insure your event or show is to the highest of live production standards.
  • I'm in a band about to perform where you are providing production why has the venue chosen your business?
    Corton Audio has been in the business for 17-years! We've been on the road, experienced the world of live sound and worked hard to set our feet firmly in the sound and production business... Basically experience speaks for itself! At Corton Audio we spend countless hours before each event in our warehouse testing amplifiers running the sound for your show, cleaning speakers, testing cables, cleaning microphones, prepping console settings, maintaining equipment, making sure the equipment is safe and in test-tag date as well as insuring we can adapt (where possible) to the changing environment that is live sound! We hope you'll be extremely happy with the service we provide!
  • Are your services available all the time?
    We do our best to make sure our services are available when you need us, unfortunately like all businesses we sometimes become unavailable through busy times and through numerous bookings on the same day. We also may become unavailable when it is time for us to recharge and take a break on holidays or on major public holidays such as Christmas Day. Please always contact us as soon as possible to insure we are available for your event.
  • What if it rains and my event is outdoors?
    Unfortunately weather is something that does not mix well with live production equipment or power. Please insure you have provisions in place for wet weather (or other weather event) posing a risk on-site. Corton Audio reserves the right to cancel, postpone, cover or pack-up equipment in the event or approach of severe weather (including drizzle, wind, rain etc) without notice. This includes stopping performances without notice in order to protect our assets, but also to insure the health and safety of those in attendance at an event. Please insure our booking terms and conditions are read and understood before booking (this will be sent to you on requesting a quotation) us to insure you are fully aware of our actions in the event of weather. If you wish to discuss weather at your event you may have booked us for please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Where is your office located?
    Our head-office is located in Shepparton, North Central Victoria. Shepparton sits approximately 2-hours drive north of Melbourne and 2-hours drive south of Albury, NSW. This ultimately puts us central to all Victorian locations. Our office is located at: 157 Vaughan Street, Shepparton, Victoria. Due to the nature of the entertainment industry we highly recommend contacting us to make an appointment with our team as we may not always be open, however we are quite often open from 10am - 5pm weekdays for hire-pick up's and returns, system purchases or bookings.
  • What is your biggest PA system?
    Our biggest PA system is currently our JBL VERTEC 4888 line-array system running version 5 (consisting of 8-cabinets total). This system in conjunction with SRX subwoofers is capable of smaller-festivals with 1,500 - 2,000 people attendance depending on the act/performers/artist/s. If a larger system is required this can be organised, please contact us for a quote.
  • Am I able to work for you at Corton Audio?
    Please send your details & resume to Brad Corken directly via email to:
  • What are your opening hours?
    As Corton Audio are in the entertainment industry our opening hours vary. However we are usually open weekdays from 10am - 5pm. Please contact us to organise an appointment and ensure we are at the office. Please see our contact page for contact details.
  • What vehicles do you have?
    Corton Audio's current vehicle fleet currently consists of: - Mercedes Sprinter LWB Vans. - Toyota Hilux Utility. Mercedes Sprinter & Toyota Hilux diesel generated models are chosen for both crew and staff - safety and reliability. Our fleet is backed by supplier, fleet and dedicated fuel accounts to enable us and our fleet to travel the length of the country.
  • I'm the FOH engineer for the band, can I change or alter your system processor?"
    Our system processors have been set to insure the most possible SPL from the system, whilst protecting the system from clip via compression and limiting. Our processors are not user adjustable (including walk-in FOH engineer changeable/accessible). Please contact our on-site system tech to discuss. We unfortunately will not change compression or limiting settings under any circumstances for the sole purpose of system protection.
  • Can you provide long-term hire of equipment?
    Yes, Corton Audio provides complete long and short term hire services. Our team of engineers and technicians can help you choose the correct equipment for the job wether you require a speaker for a day party or a long nation wide tour, we have the equipment you need! We can also provide equipment sales if you are wishing to purchase various items for your hire.
  • What if I need someone to help me after I pick-up my hire equipment?
    Corton Audio will do everything we can to help you have the best possible experience when hiring from us before you leave with your equipment, however for all call-outs we have a strict $88.00 (inc GST) Locally, call out fee. This is payable to us in advance of arrival on-site.
  • I've called and missed you a couple of times?
    Thank you very much for your call and sorry we have missed you! Unfortunately at various times through the year and on weekends, we do become very busy and we apologise for the times we miss your call. Please wait as our team will return your call at the soonest available time or we will email or message you back as soon as we can. Sometimes we are also out in the field on events and are unable to answer calls on various corporate events and jobs.
  • Do you have the capabilities to provide internet access?
    Corton Audio do have the capabilities to provide up to 10-devices access to a wireless connection/access point via WIFI. Access is via the Telstra Mobile Data Network and as such requires a location where Telstra reception is available. For more info please visit our 'Data (internet)' tab under services.
  • Had a negative experience with us?
    We are really sorry to hear you are disappointed with the service we have provided. We work hard to set the highest possible standard for all our services, but we understand we may from time to time miss the mark. We are really sorry to hear this! Please note issues may occur from time to time that may be out of our control with events being exactly that, live! Please consider this. If you have feedback on how we can improve our services please contact Corton Audio's manager directly via ATTN: feedback. Brad will be in return contact with you to discuss and rectify (where possible) your issue or concern. We value your feedback and take all feedback on board! Your business is important to us at Corton Audio.
  • Do you offer customer credit?
    Corton Audio do offer business credit under credit approval only. However, Corton Audio does not offer general customer or business credit to any clients unless otherwise approved or stated. All tax invoices are due on arrival of an Invoice. No payment plans are available unless approved by management (prior to the booking). Late-fees apply for all unpaid invoices and accounts.
  • What if I don't return my hired equipment or if it gets damaged or broken?
    Thank you for hiring from us at Corton Audio. In the event you do not return hired equipment within the time-frame discussed on your hire agreement it is seen by Corton Audio as theft of the equipment or item. The Police will be notified to recover the goods on our behalf and as such a police report on the stolen items will be undertaken by our hire team. Equipment once hired is sole responsibility of the hirer to look after, protect and keep free of damage and breakage (including weather damage). You will be charged for all damages or loss. If we have collected your bank card details, then your card will be charged under our hire agreement for the cost of replacement or repair. You must provide Corton Audio with the following when hiring: - A valid drivers licence or proof of age card - A valid credit card (visa or mastercard) Sorry no international cards will be valid. - A signed and completed Corton Audio hire agreement signature. No hires can be taken from Corton Audio warehouse/office unless all Corton Audio hire terms and agreements have been met. All equipment remains the property of Corton Audio (BJ Corken, RJ Corken & N Newby T/as Corton Audio).
  • Can Corton Audio be booked under contract to complete all of our production & technical services?
    Yes, Corton Audio can undertake contract work for extended periods of time and can work directly alongside you in a business partnership for a desired length of time. Our team look forward to hearing from you and discussing your contract's needs.
  • Is Corton Audio's equipment tested & tagged?
    At Corton Audio we are constantly asked is our equipment tested and tagged... All of Corton Audio's electrical equipment is tested and tagged in full compliance with AS/NZS 3760. You can be sure our team take electrical safety seriously!
  • Can I pay via card?
    Unfortunately no. Currently you can only pay via cash, direct debit or cheque. Please see the last page og your tax invoice or statement for account details.
  • Do you provide any additional services (in addition to audio)?
    Yes, Corton Audio not only provide audio and live sound services we provide extensive turn key event and electrical safety services including: - Complete event and vendor site power management and distribution (including electricians & contractors) - Lighting supply & operation. - Electrical Inspection, testing & tagging in compliance with AS/NZS 3760. - Crew, Sound engineers & operators. - Visual (and audio visual) services inc: projectors, screens and visual equipment. - Equipment sales and installation. - Event consultation - to help develop your event from the idea through to the final product. - Hire & Sales. Corton Audio are a complete turn key event production provider covering both audio, lighting, AV, Vision & Electrical/Power distribution and management. Please contact us to discuss your event, project or booking further.
  • Do you provide recording services?
    No, unfortunately Corton Audio do not provide recording services of any type. We also highly recommend that bands or artists do not record the live set direct from the FOH/Monitor console as it does not take into consideration the room or venue acoustics, nor on-stage volume. We highly recomend considering this when asking for direct-console live feeds and for this reason we do not provide live recordings.
  • Will I be charged more for your services on a public holiday?
    Generally Yes, you will be changed slightly more on a registered Australian Public Holiday. These additional costs are usually only invoiced to comply with penalty rates in accordance and compliance with the Live Performance Award and are usually only to cover labour and staffing costs for the day. Unfortunately we are legally requried to pay all staff and crew in compliance with the award and you will be invoiced appropriately to cover these associated costs for services obtained on a public holiday. It is important to note you wont necessairly be charged more for equipment hire unless otherwise noted. Please note: if you have not requsted a quotation for a specific event/booking falling on a public holiday you may still be invoiced public holiday rates to cover associated costs. Please contact us prior to each event/booking to obtain a event specific quotation for special occasions and public holidays.
  • What about Corton Audio's rehearsal space?
    Did you know Corton Audio offer a rehearsal & band practice space? To find out more about Corton Audio's rehearsal space hover over the "services" tab and follow down the sub-menu to our "Rehearsal space" page for all details on Corton Audio rehearsal space hire and bookings in Shepparton, Victoria, Australia.
  • Do you travel into outback or remote Australia?
    Yes, Corton Audio can travel anywhere within Australia provided it is accessible. At various times through the year roads can become impassable by road. However please contact us for a quote and to discuss your event, travel or tour throughout the outback of Australia or remote locations. For events, jobs or tours occuring throughout outback locations we highly recommend considering: - Travel times to and from locations/venues. - Distances to travel. - Weather and time of year. - Fuel and pricing of fuel and fuel availability. - Power accessibility and reliability. (Generators may be required). - Accommodation. - Sometimes outback and remote travel needs to allow extra travel time and days to safely arrive at a location. - Permits (as required). We believe there is no better place then for an event to take place in an area usually considered remote or within an area that could be considered off-road! We'll work hard with you to: - Organise pre-event site inspection and consultation around your vision for the event and how we may be able to assist. - Organise transport of production equipment to the site. - Organise generators and logistics of power. - Install, test and operation of all sound/audio, lighting and vision. Corton Audio consider all of the above requirements prior to travelling into outback locations. Please again contact us to discuss your specific needs. Got an event on the Birdsville Track? No worries, we'll make it happen!
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