Corton Audio... Our priority is SAFETY!


First Aid Kit

At Corton Audio we enjoy doing what we do and we make event safety and risk management a priority! The safety of both our staff, clients, members of the public and anyone else who may be working, assisting, attending or volunteering an event is of utmost importance on each event or work site.


Over the last fourteen years Corton Audio have spent numerous amounts of time, training and thousands of dollars each year on ensuring that at Corton Audio we provide services that meet, if not exceed safety requirements for the entertainment, live production & events industry.


Corton Audio has adopted the complete 'Corton Audio Safe' system - a complete safety, induction risk management and risk assessment policy and working document which covers all Corton Audio services and job activities, insuring we have a strong framework in place on which to oversee, implement and develop our services in a way that ensures the safety of all.


At Corton Audio we aren't afraid to take a firm approach when it comes to the safety of our clients, staff, members of the public or any other aspect of safety... No activity is worth an accident, injury or someone’s life!


At Corton Audio we insure that advanced safety precautions are undertaken at all times, this includes:

- Testing and tagging of all our extensive electrical inventory (including being completed before hires and on return) in full compliance with AS/NZS 3760:2010.

- A fully adopted OH&S policy, risk management strategy and risk management policy.

- An over-all risk assessment document covering all our job activities.

- Individual competition of event specific worksheets, JSA's and risk assessment's to outline on-site risks or hazards that may not be present in the over-all risk assessment.

- Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS's) completed, covering all services and job activities to outline all processes on how to complete tasks safely.

- First aid trained staff on-site at every Corton Audio event, with access to stocked, in-date first aid kits and equipment.

- MSDS's are stored and retained on-site at all events where deemed required.

- The storage of industry safety documents on-site in the event that we need to review the requirements of a specific task on-site.

- Storage of all training and safety certificates available on request.


At Corton Audio we are fully insured and hold current public liability insurance provided from industry specific brokers. We challenge you to ask your current production (sound and lighting) supplier if they are insured? it just may be that they aren't!


We have a severe thunderstorm and weather policy in place to outline and monitor weather at all our events both indoor and outdoor.... You might be wondering why indoor? well keep in mind that power used to supply and operate equipment is often fed via an outside source (usually the grid) this grid can have the usual spikes and surges common in severe weather. This policy details the regular checking and logging of weather radar to detect and monitor weather before it reaches the events site and before it has the potential to cause damage or risk to persons and property (including: our assets, equipment, staff, crew, members of the public, performers, bands, event staff, volunteers and other personal on-site).


At Corton Audio we may be a small business, however we work hard to set the standard for safety... Whether its a safety (back-up) chain on all our lighting fixtures, rated, inspected and tested clamps, taping down leads, implementing cable covers to protect assets, placing shot bags (weight bags) on stand legs to aid in keeping them secure or insuring each item of our inventory is tested and tagged and valid at all times... We take safety seriously and focus on providing services that are safe!


For more information on Corton Audio's safety/OH&S procedures please contact us at Corton Audio, we look forward to hearing from you.

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