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Event/area Lighting at Corton Audio...

Are you planning an outdoor event and it runs into the night?

Are you wanting the audience area to be lit?

Maybe marquees to be lit?

Eating areas to be lit?


Corton Audio provides a complete - event outdoor area lighting service.


Our team are able to insure all marquees, exhibitors, vendors, public areas, toilet areas, emergency EVAC areas of your event are lit as soon as it begins to get dark!

As an organiser of an event, you have an obligation to insure the safety of all in attendance at an event, as well as insuring all members of the public, staff, volunteers etc can move and see safely around an events site as it gets dark.


We can manage a complete lighting solution for your next event! We are also able to provide secondary back-up emergency lighting running from a totally separate power system in case of first lighting power source shutting down, a secondary system will light the location.All our lighting systems are implemented in full compliance with Australian Standards and regulations.


Our team of technical staff can implement complete lighting solutions including ambiance lighting for up-lighting trees, structures or other event marketing material.Our inventory is stocked with hundreds of flood lighting fixtures, allowing us to place white/warm lighting wherever it is required, insuring when it gets dark, your event doesn’t stop but operates safely as though it was daylight


In addition to Event/Area Lighting services, we can also offer a complete power distribution service insuring all vendors, equipment and marquees have safe power distribution as well! For more info click to the left!

For more info on our event, area or public area lighting services, please don't hesitate to contact us for a no obligation, free quote... Email us anytime:!

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