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Corona Virus SARS‐CoV‐2 (COVID-19)

Corona Virus has had significant impact on the industry we work in every day, we have seen the shattering effects this virus has had on the industry around the world from 2020-2022.

At Corton Audio we take the safety and health of those who work: for, in and around us very seriously!

From the performer on-stage, to our crew, to the members of the public we work hard to implement services that are safe and enjoyable for all! 

Part of this process since March 2020 has been to develop and implement COVID-19 health and safety procedures that ensure the safety of our entire range of services. This includes training, development, policies and procedures to enable us to provide the safest possible services and reduce transmission of COVID-19 and other viral and contagious infections. 

Corton Audio have developed CovidSAFE procedures in compliance with relevant government health advice and our own "CortonSafe" policies & procedures.

Corton Audio develop procedures to minimise transmission at (including but not limiting to):

- High-touch surfaces

- Contamination through microphones, lecterns and microphone stands

- 1.5m social distancing to be maintained and other social distancing devices.

- Mask wearing as appropriate.

- Implementation of dedicated device and equipment cleaners. 

Corton Audio COVID SAFE Plan can be found & downloaded here:

Covid 19
Hand Sanitizer


At Corton Audio we have adopted additional cleaning requirements to minimise transmission of infectious diseases by our equipment, staff and services and involves additional cleaning using approved TGA cleaning devices and in line with manufacturer guidelines to ensure product use is able to minimise the risk of COVID-19 effectively. 

There is a higher risk of transmission through music, events, singing and performing in our opinion and appropriate cleaning measures must be undertaken to ensure a safe working environment. In our opinion event managers or organisers should assume COVID-19 will be present at all events sites and manage the risk appropriately.

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