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Portable & Temporary Event Power Distribution at Corton Audio...


Corton Audio offer complete single and three phase event power distribution and cable management.


Our specialist team know events, how they operate and with this extensive knowledge can manage distributed power throughout your events site to vendors, staging and various areas requiring safe and reliable power distribution. 


Corton Audio also has an extensive stock of drive-over cable covers, including specialist clips and cable hooks, joiners and equipment to insure our portable electrical installation and service meets if not, exceed's event safety regulations.


All our portable electrical systems are tested & tagged in full compliance with AS/NZS 3760:2010. We can also offer complete on-site testing & tagging for your event vendors to insure all vendors and vendors equipment are compliant with OH&S obligations.



























We also have specialist 'A grade' licenced electricians on our team if and when required to insure your event power is managed and distributed by a team that understands reliability and your needs! All portable electrical installations are carried out in compliance with AS 3002 - Electrical Installations - Shows & Carnivals.


Alternatively we can assist when planning your event to insure you have the right amount of power for the job!

Often we attend events where there is not enough power to run everything and often a portable generator set is required... We are able to assist in the initial planning stages of an event, show or carnival to insure you have the right amount of power (and some in reserve) to insure your event runs smoothly! With enough power to run event lighting, production equipment, vendor equipment and back-up area lighting.


All our distribution systems (both single and 3-phase) have complete RCD/MCB protection at various stages of the distribution system insuring we can safely manage and distribute power throughout an events site safety. We also have the equipment to run overhead cabling as well as temporary site power.


Often portable power distribution systems are required to be undertaken and installed days or often weeks in-advance of the event taking place, insuring all such systems are ready to go prior to vendors, production suppliers and other staff becoming on-site.


Our team will insure we have technicians and electricians on-site throughout the event to insure we can rectify any issues or problems that may present themselves as quickly as possible.

Corton Audio stock kilometers of power cabling including 10 amp, 15 amp, 32 amp.

We also have cee-form distribution equipment including power distribution boards, spliters and equipment vital to event power distribution.

Whether you require one 10 amp extension lead to run from a fixed power point to a marquee, multiple power runs and distribution, 3-phase extension leads or a mix of all of these... Our team will make it happen... safely, professionally and without compromise!

Corton Audio work on events every week, we know how they operate and the power requirements that events need!

Get a team that knows events and power! Choose Corton Audio temporary event site power services for your next event!

Event power in compliance with AS 3002...

Out team know events...


See where our electrical and power services are used...

Food Fair

Event / Markets / Vendor Power

Wedding Table Set


Power & Electrical

Music Festival

Festival & Production Temporary Power

Camping in Mountains

Remote site power generators & equipment

Giving a Lecture

Power for lectures in non-normal locations

Circuit Board

Power monitoring equipment, electricians and crew.

What we can provide...

- Complete site power for events and markets.

- Single & 3-phase power.

- Generators and power generating equipment.

- Cabling.

- Cable covers and protection equipment.

- Experienced and qualified electrical contractors and electricians, crew and staff.

- Event consultation and management.

- Power distribution equipment.

- On-site portable electrical equipment inspection, testing & tagging to AS/NZS 3760.

- Specialising in events, production & festival power distribution & management.


Want to make a booking or have an event that needs power?
Contact our office today on 0488 777 649.

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