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About Corton Audio's founder and manager...

Brad Corken

Brad Corken is truly an inspirational person known for his leadership, passion, commitment and love of live production, business, volunteering, leadership and the entertainment industry.

Brad grew up in Tatura, Victoria roughly 20-minutes drive to the west of Shepparton in the heart of the GV. 

Put simply... Brad eat's, lives and breathes events and live production and we doubt a day goes by where he isn't involved in the industry in some aspect.

Brad is seen as one of the most experienced funeral service audio visual operators in the area, his wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of funeral services has led him to be the 'called for' person to behind the operations of many funeral services across Victoria & New South Wales.


Brad's passion for business began at a young age... He is proud of his achievements but does not like to boast... his words 'there's always someone more deserving'... Which shows Brad's personal nature. Brad is passionate about everything production... including audio, lighting, power, live production equipment technology, event safety and event management.

A few questions with Brad:


What are your hobbies Brad?

Well... I don't get enough time to do them but I enjoy hands-on based hobbies & work outside of this business and you will often find me under a car or head first in the bonnet of one of these vehicles or talking about my passion and dream for outback and remote travel, or one of my many passions: remote communications, electrical, event safety, production, gold prospecting, camping, 4wding or welding. I find enjoyment in hands on things I think!

Worst moment in your job?

My worst moment would have to be breaking down 600m from an event and having to push all the equipment down the main road to the venue to make a show happen! But it did happen and got home with diesel everywhere!

Best moment in your job?

I think my favorite moment isn't just one individual moment, my best moment is all the equipment working as it should, the crowd loving the show, great crew and mates and a really great client, band or performer to work with is what makes the job fun!

Most saddest moment in your job?

See that's the thing, we work in a lot of venues, locations and on so many different jobs! I think every funeral I do is a sad moment in my job. It gives me a lot of passion to do the best job I possibly can for the service and to send the person off in the most respectful and professional way possible. 

Best show ever attended?

I hardly ever go to events or shows just to enjoy them. But my favorite moment would be standing in the crowd of a band I'd worked with and them recognizing me in among the crowd. Its a good feeling!

Does technology break down?

I have to laugh because it's one of the things that keeps me up at night. But there's not a thing you can do about it! You can do all the maintenance in the world and prep work, yet things can still go wrong! In answer to the question... Yes it does sometimes!

Best band ever worked with?

We do work with some great bands! The guys at Hotel California are awesome! The best band I've ever worked with and have the utmost respect for is Adam Brand, his band and FOH engineer. Great guys!

Why the sound and production business?

Um, It's what I do, it's part of my life and I think when you work in an industry from such a young age it becomes part of you. The industry is changing day by day and for us involves a different job every day so I am constantly learning and changing. For me it started back in a year 9 music class at school when I first placed my hands on a Behringer analogue mixer! That's where the passion began! I wont say its not a tough industry because it really is!

Tell us about your family life?

Yeah so family is the most important thing to me. Mum, Dad and my sister Aimee. My girlfriend Abbey. These guys mean the world to me! Apart from family its my mates who go out of their way to help me! I really value family and friends its super important!

I hear you don't have much luck with cars?

Don't get me started, I have the worst luck with cars and I swear if something can go wrong it will go wrong to me! Hahaha!

Why is it called Corton Audio?

I get asked this all the time, it's fairly strange I guess being that my last name is Corken. Corton Audio began as a partnership with the forming of two surnames bringing together Corton Audio. We've stuck with it as it keeps our humble beginnings and passion close.


How many years have you been doing this?

Your starting to make me feel old, I've been doing this for 14 years in 2021. It's been a very challenging (at times), yet rewarding business. I love nothing better then to see our clients vision come to life and be successful. There's nothing better!

For someone starting out or looking to get into your job what advice would you give?

Well this is a really important question and actually wish I had have know 14-years ago as well... You must have a passion for the industry, a serious passion! You need to want to learn things, be willing to have a go, be professional and a fast learner! You need to not be in this job to "hang out with the band", you need to want to be there for the technical aspect and have a passion to bring together a really good show or event! Learn everything you can, watch as many industry videos! I look for people on our crew who have this passion! You don't need to know it all (nor the 'know it all' attitude) but you need the passion! Don't forget to ask your local production company if you can help them, they will be more then happy, if your interested, to show you!

Toughest moment in your job?

One day we left Shepparton at 11am, drove to Albury, NSW, Did a show, Drove back to Shepparton to grab some extra equipment, Left Shepparton and drove all night, all the way to Mildura, set-up as soon as we got there, did a festival show the whole day and then into that night. I think i'm still recovering from those couple of days!

Tell us about your funeral work?

Yeah look I have been behind the mixing console and vision equipment at numerous funerals every year, they are all a time when I am 100% focused on doing the best job possible for both the family, the mourners but also the person themselves. I really like to do the best job possible to send them off in the best (and most professional) way I can! I guess I work at funerals like it is a member of my own family, I really put my heart and passion into each and every service. For me there is no greater feeling then at the end of a service feeling a sense of pride that I did everything I can to send that person off in the best way I could. However i'm always my own worst critic so I can always find areas for my own improvement. I really hope that any family who has me taking care of the technical aspect at a funeral service for their loved one knows that I put 100% effort behind it being the most seamless and most professional service possible.

Brad is a keen public speaker, Master of Ceremonies and is without a doubt a role model for many.

He is committed to making the place he lives in a better place for all! 


Brad has received many accolades for his business and personal work including:

- 2010 Greater Shepparton young citizen of the year.

- 2010 Tatura & District young citizen of the year.

- 2011 Male youth volunteer of the year.

- 2014 Business award finalist.

- 2015/16 Brad also appeared on the front of the 2015/16 Yellow/White Pages.

- 2016 Male youth Volunteer of the Year.

- 2017 Word & Mouth Greater Shepparton 1000 hours volunteer award.

Brad is a member of the ARCA (Australian Road Crew Association).


Brad looks forward to working with you on your next event or project... and hopes you consider

choosing Corton Audio.

Photo Credits:

Middle Left: Shepparton Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Top Left Shepparton Adviser - Alicia Niglia

Bottom: Nagambie Lakes CH - Facebook.

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