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Lighting at Corton Audio...

At Corton Audio we are proud to have an extensive and ever growing lighting inventory.


We can provide professional lighting services for bands, venues, parties, weddings and other special events.


We understand lighting is important, after all... lighting has the ability to create space, mood and reaction in live events. It can also create an atmosphere that is engaging and insures everyone at an event or party is enjoying & talking about your event, gig or show for weeks or even months later!

Our team is able to work with you to insure the lighting is exactly (or as close to) how you want it to be as possible and are happy to go through a complete plotting process to insure it is right! Using software based lighting systems we are able to create & save chases, movements and completely control devices and fixtures to their fullest potential. 


All our lighting systems are ran and operated using industry standard - complete DMX512 control systems, insuring reliability and ease of operation across the complete lighting system.


Whether you require a couple of small LED cans for up-lighting a venue entrance or a few for lighting behind the bridle table... A complete DJ lighting rig with LED DJ fixtures, lasers and smoke... or... A band lighting rig with truss, LED bars and cans... Whether you are looking to hire from us or are wanting us to provide a complete supply, set-up & operation package - we have the team to help you from the idea through to the final product! 


At Corton Audio we take safety seriously! When it comes to lighting fixtures... This is just as important... All out fixtures contain safety chains (secondary back-up devices) and are implemented across all our lighting inventory as standard safety procedures. You will notice that at all our events and events where we have provided lighting... All our fixtures will contain a back-up system, not that we don't trust our clamps or the fixture itself but safety is a priority for us at all times and such systems are common place throughout the industry! All our extensive lighting inventory has been currently tested & tagged as per AS/NZS 3760:2010 including our hires before they are provided to our clients! 


We offer:

- The latest in LED technology (including bars & cans).

- Graphic and animated lasers.

- LED DJ/Party lighting effects.

- Smoke, Fog & Haze.

- Venue up-lighting and wash's.

- 'Rock and Roll' band lighting rigs.

- Dry-ice (Solid CO2) effects

- Vertical fog machines (with fast dissipating fluids) - substitute for CO2 canisters and flame (pyro).

- Warning beacon lighting for effects.


Our extensive inventory is filled with brands including:

- Chauvet;

- LSC;

- Light Emotion;

- Antari;

- Nicolaudie;

- & Jands, Just to name a few!


All our lighting systems can be ran via the lastest in DMX/USB computer operated lighting systems as well as manual control devices/mixers. 


Need a quote?

 Don't hesitate to contact us at Corton Audio anytime for a no obligation, free quote on our lighting services and equipment!! 

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