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Ladder Hire at Corton Audio...


At Corton Audio we stock a number of professionally built fibreglass ladders and can offer these for hire...

Fibreglass construction ladders are perfect for electrical work or where there is risk of electrocution such as may be found when working in construction or electrically hazardous environments. Fibreglass ladders are non-conductive (when used and operated in compliance with AS/NZS.


All our ladders have a minimum industrial rating of 120KG (some with a higher rating as specified below).


We offer:

- Fibreglass Extension Ladders 3.7 - 6.5m height @ 120KG Industrial rating.

- Fibreglass A-Frame (double sided) 3m height @ 150KG Industrial rating.

- Fibreglass A-Frame 6" height @ 120KG Industrial rating.

- Fibreglass A-Frame 1m height @ 120KG Industrial rating.


Whether you need a fibreglass ladder for one day, a week or maybe a month to get the job done safely... Corton Audio can offer you competative rates on our stock of ladders.


Ladders are a vital piece of equipment for allowing quick high access on a temporary basis.  Our ladders are constantly inspected and maintained to insure our ladders are hired in safe condition. We can provide ladders (as mentioned above) with an access maximum height of 6.0m's (this allows a general 0.5m additional distance to the work area) for safety.


In addition to this we can provide all ratchet and safety straps for both transport and fixing to assist in ladder stability when attached to approved fixed attachment points.


Contact Corton Audio today to discuss your ladder hire needs.

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