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Our business, mission, values, support & goals at Corton Audio...

Our mission:

To create, implement and develop state of the art live production services, whilst ensuring attention to detail and professionalism.

Our values:

Our values at Corton Audio:

- Integrity

- Honesty

- Partnership

- Results

- Communication

- Quality Service

- Professionalism

- Creativity & Innovation.

Our focus & goal:

To bring professional, creative & quality live production services to all our clients no matter how big or small!

Our name and logo:

Corton Audio Logo - White Logo.png

Our name Corton Audio begins at humble beginnings at the flashback of two keen young people with a love and passion for dream of live sound. Soon the joining of two surnames developed the word "Corton" and has been with us at Corton Audio ever since.

The logo with headphones adjoining has been developed and designed as our own personal footprint in the industry and local area and all of us at Corton Audio work hard to uphold its humble beginnings, passion for creativity in live production and attention to detail.

Our Corton Audio logo has covered the length of the country, it's worn with pride on our uniform and sets Corton Audio apart from the rest!

Our beginnings:

Our beginnings at Corton Audio began when Brad first placed his hand on a mixing console in his year 9 school music class in 2007. From this day the passion, dream and love of the production industry (and all things events) has seen Corton Audio continue to develop and grow into what it is today.

Our family:

Our family at Corton Audio is what sets us apart! We encourage our crew's family, friends, children, wives, girlfriends, etc to be involved in what we do at Corton Audio. We have a massive family at Corton Audio and are really proud to be a family friendly and supportive business. We have a high regard for family life and understand that this industry can take it's toll with many late nights and touring, therefore we constantly encourage family input into our daily operations where appropriate.

Our supporters:

What we really love is our return customers, you're the best! We can't say thank you enough for your support of Corton Audio, who we are and what we do! We work hard to invest back into our clients. We believe that for us to gain and progress as a business we expect you to gain as well and we work hard to keep that vision. Thank you again to all our clients, many of whom have been with us since day one and have seen our humble beginnings and continue to choose us, others have come on board as we have grown as a business and we thank you for jumping on board the Corton Audio journey and family with us! Others have just called in to help us load vehicles, jump in a scissor lift with us, load a PA late at night or to de-rig a PA system because you can and for that we say thank you! Like our family, our supporters and clients mean a lot to us! Thank you!

Our approach:

Initial Contact.

Design, Planning & Quote.

Client Consultation.

Prep & Technical Planning.

Delivery & Supply.

Follow up & Invoice.

Dismantle and Pack-up.

Internal SWAT analysis.

Business & Corporate Timeline:

2007 - Business established as an initial partnership and primary small audio/sound hire backyard business, soon outgrowing storage space.

2008 - Corton Audio operating from Tatura, Victoria and Corton Audio commences sole trading. 

Initial ABN: 44 724 146 567.

2009 - Corton Audio became a fully established and operating business servicing various aspects of the audio industry and corporate markets.

2010 - Corton Audio began full time operation in complete events and live production.

2015 - Corton Audio began operation from our Shepparton, Victoria based warehouse and office location and invested heavily in inventory and production assets. Business structure review and business review undertaken and amended.

            2015 was a major business milestone for Corton Audio through business changes and structure, now servicing the country from this           

            Shepparton location and re-commenced partnership trading.

            Change of ABN: 93 861 161 878 and GST registered from: 10th August 2015. Banking details also changed and updated.

2016 - Corton Audio contract all internal bookkeeping and business accounting.

2017 - Corton Audio celebrates ten years in business and operation.

2018 - Corton Audio invest in additional inventory and Crown HD Amplifiers.

2019 - January - Corton Audio close for two weeks for the first time in our history to allow for a short, but much needed rest & break.

         - Website update.

         - April 19 - The addition of fuel, logistics and travel suppliers: Caltex, Shell and WEX Motorpass to keep us moving, touring and providing

          services throughout the country.

2020 - Set for our biggest year to date then COVID-19 hit in April 2020 and lock downs caused mass cancellations of events & gatherings.

           Corton Audio continued operations to a minimal degree to assist our many clients even during this major pandemic accross the world. During   

           this time and went into a business plan under hibernation state.

2021 - From late October 2021 (post opening/easing of COVID-19 restrictions) we have seen our busiest return to the live production and entertainment industry since we have been in business, it is fantastic to see people out at events, gathering again and seeing people enjoying the summer at events.

2023 - Corton Audio celebrates 16-years in business. 

Our future and corporate growth:

At Corton Audio we continue to set the highest of standards across all our services by the continued focus in education, planning and investment in equipment. The future of Corton Audio is monitored by a strict business plan and by continued in depth revision. We see a business plan as a working document, it's a guideline and a plan however it can (like the industry we work within) change with artistic vision, planning and careful guidance.

At Corton Audio we take a serious yet flexible approach to the future of Corton Audio. We don't see ourselves being here for a year and then gone the next, we look forward to the next five, ten & twenty years into the future to pave the way and set a realistic goal, that allows us as a small business the continued motivation for excellence and success.

Entertainment and live music has changed over previous decades. Movement in music production, support and growth changes yearly. 

It's important to us that when you choose Corton Audio you become part of our journey, our milestones and a part of the Corton Audio family. Our humble beginnings are important to us and we want you to feel confident that when you choose Corton Audio you choose a business that will support you as much as you support us! A business relationship that forms from the first initial contact and lasts for years and years to come, that's what is important to us!

Our growth and future in the entertainment and production industry requires flexibility, it requires determination and artistic vision. Like a tree in the wind on a windy day, it moves and flows with the wind remaining flexible as if it didn't it would snap and break. Much like business remaining flexible, competitive and motivated is the way of the future in our eyes.


We aren't a big high-show, multi-billion dollar company, nor do we want to uphold this role, we believe that by being small, managing jobs appropriately and maintaining high focus on each individual event or job the future of our business will speak for itself.  

We are consistently on the lookout for Corton Audio opportunities, for our weaknesses to allow improvement and to our clients to insure we are doing everything we can to help and support them to also achieve success.

From all of us at Corton Audio we thank you for choosing us, coming on our journey and look forward to you putting your support and faith behind us in the future.

Business partnership & opportunities:

As you have no doubt found throughout this website, Corton Audio bring a new & inviting aspect to it's list of business services. We encourage the growth of all small and regional businesses and are open to all business growth proposals, consultation or those wishing to find out more about our story and the future of Corton Audio. Including business opportunities, business proposals and future prospects.


For further information on the business or to discuss in person any of the above aspects we encourage you to make an appointment directly with: Brad Corken - Manager, Corton Audio on 0488 777 649 or via direct email

Service Area:

At Corton Audio we cover the length of the country for all our services, however our main area and scope of work is based within the south eastern area of Australia. For all service requests, tours and bookings out of the south eastern area please contact our team. We look forward to working with you as we are able to cover the length of the country with our various specialist services.

Market Scope:

- Live Bands

- Corporate 

- Funeral

- Wedding

- Gala Events

- Conferences 

- Product Launches 

- Clubs, Bars & Hotels

- Sporting events

- DJ's

- Hire Industry

- Event Industry

- Special & Different (non-common) Events

- Remote Area Events

- Emergency Response & Public address Services

- Electrical & Power

System Design & Consultation:

Corton Audio provide systems that are both cost effective, competitive and professional. Meeting the needs of our clients from small party hires to thousand people attendance festivals we work hard to design production equipment that meet the needs and budgets of our clients. An important part in production equipment service is client and venue consultation. Making sure we don't provide small speakers on stands where a full three or four way band concert rig is actually required is important to us and we believe strongly in providing services that meet the actual needs of the event (or function or providing the best possible system for the provided budget.

Corporate Credit Terms & Accounts:

If you would like to apply for a business account with us at Corton Audio please contact our office on (03) 5821 7017 or alternatively email and you will be sent a credit account application form.

Business accounts at Corton Audio may be 30-day trading accounts under credit approval only.


You will be asked to provide us with:

- Details of applicant.

- Bank statements for three months (for both personal and business) and for all partners.

- Business Name, Trading Name & Partners.

- Proof of identity.

- Australian Business Number/ACN.

- Business Address.

- Number of Years Trading.

- Amount of credit wishing to apply for.

Performers & Artists:

We have been very lucky and privileged in the past to provide services for shows that have included some of Australia's and the worlds most seasoned artists and musicians some of which include:

- Thirsty Merc

- James Reyne 

- Russell Morris 

- Marcia Hines

- Chocolate Starfish 

- Mental as Anything

- Adam Brand

- Reece Mastin

- DJ Havana Brown

- The Black Sorrows

- The Badloves

- Chantoozies

- Taxiride

- Kingswood

- Pseudo Echo

- Andrew Wishart

- The Choir Boys

- Shannon Noll

- Dean Ray

- You Am I 

- Jon Stevens

- Doug Parkinson 

- Mi Sex

- Daryl Braithwaite 

- The Rubens

We are really lucky to work with such a range of different venues, tour managers, on various events and festivals, as well as Industries. We cannot wait to work with you again on another very successful event, show, job or function in the future.

Our statistics...

- On average Corton Audio get 10-20 Website views/hits per-day.

- Our networking sites achieve 10 interactions per-day.

- We work on 200+ events per year.

- Averaging 30+ Funerals per year.

- Hundreds of thousands of dollars In assets.

- Vehicles updated every 5-8 years depending on type.

- Over 20km of cabling in inventory.

- Over 40,000km travelled per year.

- Over 6,000 individual inventory items.

- Over 1,000m in gaff tape used every year.

- Over 500 AA Batteries used every 12-months.

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