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At Corton Audio we can offer various special services in addition to standard audio, lighting and AV services for your wedding or special day... Take a look below...

Dry Ice - Dance on cloud effect...

Our Dancing In The clouds effect will create a layer of fog to flow across the entire dance floor to create a unique and memorable first dance along with some great photo opportunities. This is accomplished by utilizing a dry ice machine which produces a thick white cloud of fog ( from dry ice) resembling a beautiful cloud. The cloud will stay low to the ground and eventually evaporate, leaving NO residue or smell.


The cloud will not trigger smoke detectors unlike other fog machines.


The reactions to the cloud are priceless and the moment will never be forgotten.


We use the Nimbus professional dry ice machine by Chauvet, which is top of the line and 100% safe.


Contact us a today for a  FREE consulation. 

$220.00 ex GST (one use).

Price includes one dry ice effect (effect usually lasts 3-5 minutes total), an operator for one hour total, required dry ice for one effect use, all required PPE, risk assessment and work undertaken.


Dry Ice effect requires:

- Venue management allows dry-ice effect within their venue.

- 1x 15A powerpoint access on a seperate circuit.

- Access to hot (or cold) water.

- Machine is required to heat water for a considerable amount of time, prior to dry-ice use. 

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