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Environmental Commitment at Corton Audio

At Corton Audio we understand that the environment and in particular reducing the mark we leave on the environment is of utmost importance moving forward for both our business but also as a nation (and the World). 

Our team spend countless hours out in the bush working on events, productions and jobs. We have some spectacular landscapes - From deserts, dry ironbark country to lush forests in the Victorian High Country we get out travelling & exploring in nature and the bush when not working and therefore understand just how important this precious environment is. 

Although a small business we understand it is vital to protect and reduce our impact on the environment and protect it for future generations.


We have done this by:

- Purchasing and using amplifiers with sixth generation patented Class-I (BCA®) circuitry couples power efficiently to the load and provides low AC current draw.

- Using JBL speaker products with auto switching which go into standby when no signal is present, reducing power and consumption when in standby.

- Using LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting fixtures rather then incandescent fixtures reducing power consumption and environmental impact.

- Choosing vehicles which meet international emission controls. 

- Using efficient heating and cooling systems.

- Using LED technology in screens and assets.

- Using efficient speaker development systems. 

- Using online databases and storage systems rather then relying solely on hard-copy paper. 

We are constantly working on using equipment and technology that is both efficient and reduces impact on the environment and nature. 

Australia is an amazing place and we want to keep it the beautiful country it is for future generations.

Diving in the Reef
Noarlunga South Australia
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