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Event data/internet access at Corton Audio...

We are constantly asked these questions by event organisers regarding internet access at an event...

- Do you have the ability for us to undertake surveys via the internet using our iPads and have access to the internet?

- Can I stream a video off YouTube at my event?

- Do you have something that will allow me to access the internet at my event?

The answer is now yes!

What about the devices you use?

Corton Audio stock wireless 3G/4G wireless access points (hot-spots) allowing up to 10 connected devices to have internet access through Telstra, Australia's largest data network. Of course, 4G internet speeds are only available where there is access to a Telstra 4G network, otherwise our devices choose the fastest possible speeds from 3G network sources. Please note: that internet using our devices is only possible where there is sufficient access and reception to Telstra mobile data networks, this may not be available in all areas, including remote locations.

How long will it last?

Our devices are battery powered  and on standby time can last up to 300 hours, however we advise for long period use or conferences to insure the device is connected to mains power.


The maximum range of the device without external antennas is 25m. 


The device is capable of LTE speeds of 150MB per second (where available).


To access our wireless access point devices, we provide users with a password which is changed for each individual event. The device is secure and is password protected. It works in the same way you would access your home or business WiFi except its mobile and works on the mobile data network.

The password will be available and provided at your event by Corton Audio if you choose to have an access point at your event.


Our devices can be ran via a pre-paid amount or via a post-paid system and invoiced to our clients accordingly, depending on your needs and budget! Devices are charged at standard Telstra mobile data rates.

*Current data rates (pre-paid) are:

3GB DATA - $30.00

10GB DATA - $50.00

25GB DATA - $90.00

+ Hire rate of the hot spot device.

Please note: Devices on are post paid plan are not stopped at a certain data amount, all data costs will be invoiced accordingly. If you wish to have a set data amount, we highly recommend a pre-paid option.


Supports the new LTE 700 4GX Telstra network

Other important notes:

Wi-Fi 802.11 Dual Band (2.4GHz & 5GHz)

LTE 700, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600

3G UMTS 850, 900, 2100


*As of May 2017, rates may change without notice, please contact us for a specific quote.

All trademarks (including the word Telstra) remain the property of the respectful owners.

Perfect to allow guests at your party (function or event) access to accessible Wifi, contact us for a quote!

Limitations of access...

Corton Aduio are not to be held responsible for any loss, damage, virus's, malware, attacks or legal occurrences obtained via our internet access devices, the devices are provided solely as an access point to the internet. We highly recommend backing up all data prior and during connection to our devices. 

Corton Audio will not allow our devices to be used to access or download: any pornographic material of any nature, copyrighted material without permission, terrorism or associated material, or nudity unless specific to the nature of the event or business meeting.

Only available in locations where the Telstra mobile data networkl is available.

Visit the Telstra Network coverage map found here...
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